Black Friday Car Sales in Odessa

Black Friday Car Deals are Back in Odessa

With the return of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners; dedicated early-morning shoppers; long lines; gifts; snow days; winter vacations and traveling, comes Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales in Odessa, TX. Want a gift that you'll like for years to come? Treat yourself to a new Hyundai car this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you really want to take advantage of holiday discounts this year, while avoiding retailer lines in Odessa, TX, then research our Black Friday car deals at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa and compare them to other Odessa or Midland dealers. We know you'll like what you'll find at our Odessa lot. Search Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa's car sales today and come in for a test drive this holiday season.

Why Consider A New Car at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa on Black Friday 2016?

Simple. For the good possibility that you'll find a price worthy of the time it takes you to research and compare Black Friday car sales in Odessa; test drive a car at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa, and place a bow on that new Hyundai as you wait for your significant other to return to your Odessa home. Not only will you save time and money buying a new car at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa when compared to other dealerships, but you also will probably save yourself from mall-shopping madness and hours lost in long lines during Black Friday Sales Events in Odessa. Upgrade your Christmas gift this year; spend less time at Odessa's local malls and more time with the family this holiday season.

Black Friday Car Sales

Odessa Black Friday Sales Are Worthy of a Trade In

If our Hyundai cars could fly, old St. Nick would be delivering Christmas presents to Odessa in a Hyundai. Unfortunately, Hyundai cars can't fly yet, but they do get you from point A to B safely, comfortably, and in style; all while making St. Nick jealous. Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa will have a number of car sales this 2016 holiday season on new and used Hyundai models. Our Black Friday Car Sales will be updated throughout the 2016 Christmas shopping season. Contact Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa at 432-614-9404 with any questions about sales and extra incentive discounts that you might qualify for at our Odessa dealership.

Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa Black Friday Service Specials

Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa isn't only about new and used car savings this holiday season. We're also about Odessa auto service savings. For many, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays translate to hours of traveling. If you're traveling by plane or train this year, Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa can't do much except wish you well on your travels. However, if you're traveling by car, Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa can ensure your automobile is running in peak condition before a journey through winter weather. It doesn't matter if you have a short commute to nearby Midland or Andrews, it's important to ensure your vehicle is road ready. The holiday season can be stressful enough, don't let your car add to any holiday woes. See our Odessa auto service specials and schedule an appointment at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa today.


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