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Getting Brake Repairs in Odessa: How to Know if They're Needed

When it comes to scheduling car repairs, your initial priority must always be to make sure that your car's safety attributes are in good shape. There are many pieces working toward making your vehicle trustworthy, and an especially vital component are the brakes. If your car requires brake repairs, postponing an appointment might subsequently create a very risky circumstance; if your brakes are performing oddly, have them looked at without delay by a certified technician for brake service in Odessa. Having your brakes fixed at a trustworthy service shop is simple - you can arrange an appointment for brake repair at Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa online. The true question is how to know if your brakes need attention. Know the telling warning signs of bad brakes:

  1. Brakes that feel mushy or "squishy" whenever you press down on the brake pedal.
  2. The car pulls to one particular side while you are applying the brakes.
  3. The steering wheel shakes when you're braking.
  4. Brakes that seem to pulse down and up when you brake.
  5. The whole car or truck vibrates when the brakes are applied.
  6. A squealing sound occurs while braking.

If you happen to be experiencing any one of these problems, you should get your vehicle into Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa for a brake inspection as quickly as   
possible. We offer expert brake repairs in Odessa for shoppers in Midland, Andrews and more; we look forward to helping get your car back in its prime condition.

How Regularly is Brake Repair Needed?

For many aspects of your car's maintenance, there's a fixed agenda and timeline of when you can expect you'll need routine maintenance; oil changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections each have a certain mileage when they are needed. When it comes to your brakes, though, there's no set servicing schedule, which means that you'll need to rely on your own understanding of your car or the experience of a Odessa brake repair specialist to understand if service is needed. How frequently you need brake repairs in Midland or Odessa may be impacted by the amount you drive as well as the places you drive. For example, if you drive no more than 5,000 miles per year, but primarily in heavily populated areas with stop-and-go-traffic, your brakes probably will need replacing faster than someone who drives 25,000 miles a year on the spacious freeways. Should you hear or feel one of the given signs that you could need brake servicing, get in touch with Lithia Hyundai Of Odessa today to plan your brake repairs in Odessa without delay.

IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION: Some of our pre-owned vehicles may be subject to unrepaired safety recalls. Check for a vehicle's unrepaired recalls at

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